" To believe You can think for yourself;
                is merely thinking of what You believe.
            To think You can believe in Yourself;
                is greatly believing in what You think. "
                                                                      David Atriedes


        The People of the Banner Of the Sun

Rejoice - for Hunab Ku has sent You his messenger.... and the Message is LOVE!

Live and Love Life... That is the Way!

    Love conquers time!  



There has been an oft asked question...  Asked but seemingly never answered.

    What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Jesus Do??  That's easy...
    He Would Sacrifice Himself.

The real questions is...
                    Would you?

So.. there is a lot of effort going into the pursuit of the proof of life, elsewhere in the solar system and surrounding universe.

Why?   Is it so that we can feel not so alone in the cosmos?
... or, is it so that we can feel less bad about wasting and squandering it here on Earth???   

    "The source of all suffering is desire."     <--- the answer to it all.