The Pahana.  We hope not.  Doom is not the mission in this occasion.

        Let the disk speak for itself. 

            It is the sunstone - and it is the color of the 5th sun.

the above image was illegally obtained from the Vatican website. It is by the artist Raphael...

what the hell is it telling us?????????????

The following image is from the Lourve Museum, and is based upon the above painting

It is a plate specially commissioned
artist: Nicola da Urbino
known between 1520 and 1538
Plate from the Service of Isabella d'Este
c. 1525
Tin-glazed earthenware
H.4 cm; 27 cm
OA 7578  <---Lourve ID number


Then again.. it IS called the BLUE STAR Kachina.....


"the Wind in the Willows plays Tea of Two,
The Sky was Yellow and the Sun was Blue"
R. Hunter