I am a reflection of you. 
Hunab Ku


        Our Eyes Are Mirrors Reflecting Inward - Our Heart is a window for looking outward.
                                                                                                                        David Atriedes

Cycles are reflections in time.. echoes , so to speak....

We have been experiencing these cycles, so often, for so long, that we are numb to their existence.  Cycles of the month, the year, decades & centuries; the moon, the sun, the stars, everything.. even our own lives, if we look at it correctly.. we are born, we live, we die.. it's all part of a cycle (the carbon cycle)... so it should come as no shock to be asked to think in cycles; or in a circular manner.  If you understand where we have been and the cycles that we know about... it can help one to find one's place in the world.  Which is important, fore One must know where One is.. otherwise, how shall One find their Own way out of here?



   a scientist speaking of the Moon's effect on Ocean tides and how,
as the Moon leaves Earth's orbit in the distant future, tides will be effected.

"Long before that time (about 2,100 million years from now), due to the increasing luminosity of the Sun,
the oceans of the Earth will have boiled away, which will alter tidal effects significantly."                     


    11,500 years since we got blasted.... still we have learned little. 

Let us speak of the cycles of the cosmos.  Not silly astrology.. but scientific astronomy!

Asteroid impact.  Meteor Showers, Comets...  and more nasty, nasties from outer space... Solar flares, Gamma Ray bursts, Supernovas!!!!

Key Concepts:

Where are We now?  Where are we going?  What's going to happen on the way?

To answer, we will look to the past.

Tilt of the Earth:

Graph of the (changing) tilt of the Earth's axis!  

This graph shows the variation in the tilt of the Earth's axis over the last 750,000 years.
The blue line traces the tilt in degrees. The orange line shows today's value for comparison.
The data are from Berger and Loutre (1991).

According to the data.. the precessions of the Earth are slowing down! (getting longer)
And that the most recent precess began about.. oh 14,000 years ago.  

                    The First Time- the Golden Age - the beginning of "time"...

                    Monday, August 31st 12,182 BC. (Julian = "-2727717")
                            17,0,0,0,0,0  1 Ahau 18 Kumku

                            the Sun rises as the Galactic Center rises
                            This is the beginning of the most recent Precession of the Equinox
                            Leaving Capricorn and entering the constellation Scorpius - see Ankor Wat


Precession of the Equinox   25,772 years

Vernal Equinox Helical Risings

The Grand Cycle  255,479,975.71 years (or exactly 93,312,000,000 days!)


If you know how to drive this, you can go anywhere you want.... in time.


Solar Cycles

   Solar Construction: Plasma / Magnetism / Rotation / Nuclear reaction
To understand the cycles of the Sun, we must understand the workings of a Star.
                    Creation of the Solar System, heliosphere ~ heliopause, planets & moons, outer strata (Keiper belt)
                    Nuclear fission
                    Magnetism - KinGod (King God) of the Solar System
                    Planetary development

   Sunspots, Flares, Solar Wind, Coronal Hole = Magnetism

          Sunspots & Global Weather.

Comet & Asteroids
 Impacts - and close calls 

        Sept 1 10,500 BC

        2100bc-500ad asteroid showers