Seek, and ye shall find what is sought,
    To choose to seek nothing, so shall it be found.
    To desire, not to desire;
          is the greatest desire to overcome.

   Nothing is known until it is known.

David Atriedes

        Knowing harmony is constancy.
        Knowing constancy is enlightenment.
Lao Tsu

                        The Only Constant in the Universe is change.
David Atriedes   

Time marches on... we as a global animal, must learn to live in peace and harmony or we will die.

In our world of conflicting religion & science, easy credit and instant gratification, we have lost taste for the philosophers.  Those who would point out our short comings and the irreverent paths of least resistance that we are choosing to follow. 

But Not Here. 
Not on this one page of the billions of internet pages available.  Here - a student of  philosophy shall make a stand.  
For our future - for the 7th generation yet to come.


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