Respecting the Rights of Others,
doesn't guarantee they will have respect for your rights;
however, it is unquestionable that, having and showing respect for others
allows One to live with integrity and sincerity with One's Own Self.

David Atriedes                   

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This page will explore the astronomical alignments and similarities between many archeological sites.
Humanity is a species with amnesia!

  Mayan Night Gods   Egypt - Nabta Playa  
Yonagunni   Kahockia    
  Tikal   Osiris / Giza Complex  
Nan Mandal   Suns of the Sun    
  Nazca Drawings   Sirus / Dogon Knowledge  
Ankor Wat   Anisazi    
  Machu Piccu   Nubia  
Plane of Jars   500 Nations